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Pricipia Mission Uk Space Agency European Space Agency Literature Works


For all your help with our work during the Principia Mission, One Giant Read wishes to thank:

Our partners

Professor Kevin Jones
Professor Camille Parmesan
Dr Mike McCulloch
Natasha Stephen
Dr Ben King
Professor Iain Stewart
Dr Mairi Knight
Professor Tony Belpaeme
Richard Harrison
Paul Eccleston
Mat Beardsley
Patrick Wood
Stefanie Kohl
Captain Bob Hone
Libby Jackson
Jeremy Curtis

Writers & Publishers

Alistair Reynolds
Stephen Baxter
Gareth L Powell
Simon Barraclough
Adam Nevill
Anthony Caleshu
Roz Morris
Pan Macmillan
Penguin Random
Alan Dean Foster
David A. Goodman
Sir Christopher Frayling


Phaedra Stancer
Ines Rae
Alexander Coleman-Porter
Alexander Shaw
Hannah Mae
Ale Talk Productions: Will Jenkins and Ben Hancock

Mission Control music by:

Sirius Beat – The Cosmos

Our Website

Mike and Tom and all the team at Matrix: A Creative Agency


All Principia photos: ESA
Isobel Dixon
Josh Redman

Project Coordination