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One Giant Read

One Giant Read is an out of this world virtual shared reading experience. It began life as a project to celebrate Tim Peake and the Principia Mission, brought to you by Literature Works in partnership with The UK Space Agency, Royal National Institute of Blind People and supported by Gollancz, The Poetry Archive and Plymouth University.

Launching its journey alongside Tim Peake’s Principia Mission to the International Space Station, One Giant Read offered those who remained on Earth a themed reading and writing challenge designed to bring space science to diverse audiences in ways which engage and expand our audience’s science interests and knowledge.

For every month Tim was away, the One Giant Read website showcased the very best science fiction writers and poets through audio clips, poetry recordings and interviews, with video messages from Scientists about the impact and influences science fiction writing has had on science fact as well as on their passion for science.

Presenting a collision of science fact and science fiction, One Giant Read made a range of reading materials, exclusive interviews and recordings accessible to people living with sight loss.

With Tim back down to earth, our mission continues; whether you’re a science-fiction aficionado or entirely new to the genre, take One Giant Read with us and discover something new today…