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Our Project Co-ordinator

Hi, I’m Michelle Phillips, the Project Co-ordinator and copywriter of One Giant Read. It’s my job to collect, collate and create the content which appears on the website. I’ve been working with all our partners as well as with scientists and guest speakers to present you with fascinating science fact and thrilling science fiction each month.

I first became involved with Literature Works as part of my recent studies at Plymouth University where I have just completed a Masters in Publishing. I’ve always wanted a career which allowed me to work with words and I think that working for the South West’s literature development agency gives me that opportunity. In my current job role as project co-ordinator and copywriter, I am able to put all the skills I acquired over the course of my degree to excellent use: creating and writing content which will hopefully inspire you all to get more involved with science and space science in particular.

An average day for me can see me engaging in a wide range of activities from liaising with scientists to shoot film and writing their briefs and scripts and checking in with Astronaut Tim Peake’s Principia Mission to creating the ‘Writer Profiles’ featured on the website. The amazing thing about this job is that I never know what I am going to discover next. I have spent whole mornings immersed in the works and lives of some of the UK and USA’s most prolific science fiction authors and I have learnt so much and discovered writing styles and genres within science fiction that I never knew existed and I’ve found a whole new appreciation for science and science fiction and I hope that you can make some new discoveries of your own as a result of this website. I really do feel like I’ve taken and will still be taking this One Giant Read along with you!

Working for an Arts organisation on a project like One Giant Read is truly the most rewarding way for me to pursue a career with words. Every day I engage with fresh challenges and have the opportunity to broaden my knowledge and experience. I work with a diverse range of people who are courageously dedicated to bringing words to everyone and I thoroughly recommend this career path for anyone who is passionate about using words to inspire and support people. I hope you enjoy the website. Keep reading!