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Star Wars Aftermath Book Cover


‘The war is not over’ is the perfect moniker for this new novel written as the first book in a trilogy which follows JJ Abrams’ new Star Wars stories.

In fact, you could say that the war is only just beginning as this novel joins a new canon attempting to bridge gaps between the existing episodes and those yet to come, expanding the Star Wars universe and shedding new light on what we already know.

This time in ‘galaxy far, far away’, the Empire is left reeling at the critical defeats it suffered at the Battle of Endor. In a universe which sees a fledgling New Republic beginning to emerge helmed by the Rebel Alliance, stealth must be employed to prevent another uprising of the now scattered enemy forces. Whilst the Rebel Alliance hunt down their enemies using their victory to their advantage, a show of the enemy’s strength is unfolding above the remote planet, Avika…

This is a novel which examines the whole of the Star Wars universe in the aftermath of Return of the Jedi and which sows the seeds of the story when we re-join it with The Force Awakens. The narrative focuses on the Avika plot and develops the characters central to that, providing an understanding of their motivations in the post-Endor world of the novel.

Whilst the narrative style is arguably utilitarian in nature, this brevity does not extend to minutiae of the universe. Throughout the novel, the central plot is interspersed with cut away narratology and additional scenes which reach into the far corners of the Star Wars universe giving an expanded perspective which adds to the reading experience and offers interesting sub-plots which show potential development both cinematically and within the trilogy itself. This added to the marketing campaign surrounding the novel and its link to both previous and future episodes makes for interesting reading and certainly offers a look at both the characters and universe in general in a way which is new and indeed, extensive.

Star Wars: Aftermath is a recommended read for anyone looking to learn more about the wider facets of the Star Wars universe and for those looking for a version of the events which occurred after Return of the Jedi which feed into The Force Awakens and the galaxy far, far away in the future as well as a long time ago…

Star Wars: Aftermath is published by Arrow on 26th May 2016.