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At The Earth’s Core

At The Earth’s Core: Edgar Rice Burroughs

At the Earth's Core was first serialised in All-Story Weekly in 1914 and finally published in book form in 1922. It is the first in Burroughs' hollow earthed Pellucidar series, which runs to seven novels, a Tarzan crossover and two authorised sequels by John Eric Holmes.

Heir to a mining fortune, David Innes enlists his inventor friend Abner Perry in an experiment and together they accidentally drill down to the earth’s core in his “Iron Mole”. There they discover Pelllucidar, an undiscovered world of flying reptiles, cannibalism and stone age cave people. All prehistoric eras get a look-in as Innes and Perry explore this strange and dangerous new world …

Try audiobook extracts of the novel below, read by Mark Nelson.
Watch the trailer for the classic 1976 movie adaptation, starring genre legend Peter Cushing:
Or listen to a different kind of Flying Lizards - and their classic hit 'Money' from 1979 ...