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The First Men in the Moon

Book cover for First Men in the Moon

The First Men in the Moon: HG Wells

The First Men in the Moon is a scientific romance by H G Wells which was first published in 1901. It documents a journey to the moon taken by two men who discover a way to defy the laws of gravity and go on to discover a sophisticated extra-terrestrial civilisation who inhabit the moon.

The extract featured here, taken from chapter three of the novel, introduces Cavorite, a fictional metal which acts as a gravity shield. In order to create it, Dr Cavor fused together a number of metals and other elements, heated the mixture and then let it cool to a temperature of sixty degrees Fahrenheit. After this cooling process, Cavorite protects objects contained within it from the effects of gravity. In attempting to reach the moon, Cavor decides to build a spherical spacecraft using the metal.

The First Men in the Moon by HG Wells read by Mark Smith

To download the full audiobook of The First Men in the Moon, please visit the Librivox website here.