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The Mummy by JW Louden

The Mummy by JW Louden: The Mummy

First published in 1827, Loudon’s novel is one of the earliest examples of women’s science fiction. Set in the twenty second century, the novel features a society which is technologically advanced but which for all its knowledge is defunct of morality and reason.

It falls to The Mummy, a creature which is ‘reanimated’ – and therefore bestowed artificial intelligence – by scientists to lead the corrupt society back to the ways of enlightened morality.

Exploring what would happen in a far off future overrun with technology and innovation, Loudon invokes a world in which medical care givers are steam powered automatons, women wear flamed head pieces and a primitive version of the internet is predicted. What is interesting is that although the book is set in a century which has still yet to occur some of the observations are surprisingly accurate for today’s society… Take a look and discover something fascinating today.

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