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Avatar Detail


James Cameron’s epic 2009 science fiction film shows a human race which has depleted the natural resources of their own planet and so decides to utilise the resources of another planet, Pandora, which can support life in a similar manner to Earth.

Sent on a mission to capitalise on the resources of the planet, Jake Sully infiltrates the Na’vi (the beings who inhabit Pandora) and begins to learn about their way of life. As he spends time in the company of Neytiri, the daughter of the planet’s leader, he becomes torn by his allegiance to humanity and his desire to embrace life on Pandora.

What is striking about this film is that it shows humanity as technologically advanced – in its ability to create and sustain Avatars – and yet so under-developed when it comes to an understanding about what is important in life. Whilst they seek to take advantage of lush natural environments, the Na’vi strive to protect and celebrate them, assigning the meaning of life to something spiritual rather than material and providing a view of our world and indeed any other worlds which may exist which is aspirational.