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Bionic Woman

Bionic Woman

Said to be inspired by the 1972 novel Cyborg, by Martin Caidin, Bionic Woman is a science fiction television series remade from an original series in 1976.

In the series Jamie Sommers, a bartender, has a life changing accident which maims her body beyond repair. What should have been a fatal accident becomes an opportunities for Jamie’s boyfriend, a robotics scientist, to experiment with creating a ‘bionic woman’.

With replacement limbs and other body parts such as ears and eyes, Jamie becomes superhuman with unrivalled strength and speed. As she struggles to adjust to this, she becomes a target of those who would use her new-found abilities to cause harm in the world.

Exploring such themes as agency over human life and the power of robotics to change lives and impact positively on the world, Bionic Woman tells the story of a woman just trying to use her abilities for good…

Watch the 2007 trailer here: