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A Day in the Life of Paul Eccleston

Paul Ecclestone

A Day in the Life of Paul Eccleston

Paul Eccleston, a Space Instrumentation Systems Engineer at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory Space works at the cutting edge of space science.

Paul worked on a piece of equipment called ‘MIRI’ which is designed to explore and extend the knowledge which can be gained from the images provided by Hubble which show “blobs of light” identifiable as distant galaxies. In some ways his job is about exploring the existence of possible new worlds and galaxies.

His work requires a great amount of precision to ensure that the images captured give the most accurate portrayal of the entities which exist in deep space in order that advances in understanding can be made. He says that working on the cutting edge of science research and technology is the most exciting job he could have.

Video courtesy of the National STEM Centre’s ‘Day in the Life’ series.