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Fata Morgana by Anthony Caleshu

Professor Anthony Caleshu

Fata Morgana by Anthony Caleshu

Anthony Caleshu has provided One Giant Read with three poems from his most recent book length collection The Victor Poems published by Shearsman Books in 2015. Copies of the collection are available here.

Anthony suggests that the poems he has selected which will be featured consecutively over the next three months are bound up with the themes we are exploring throughout One Giant Read.

We have selected number 18, ‘Fata Morgana’ this month. On hearing this poem we were inspired by the idea of the superior mirage and the ways in which it could be linked to the fragility and ever changing nature of life on Earth. We have been thinking about how life can be fleeting and yet, remnants and memories of it remain forever.

Fata Morgana read by Anthony Caleshu