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‘Of Comfort No Man Speak’ by Simon Barraclough

Simon Barraclough

‘Of Comfort No Man Speak’ by Simon Barraclough

Simon Barraclough is originally from West Yorkshire and has lived in London since 1997.

He is the author of three full poetry collections: ‘Los Alamos Mon Amour’ (Salt 2008), which was a finalist for a Forward Best First Collection prize; ‘Neptune Blue’ (Salt 2011) and ‘Sunspots’ (Penned in the Margins). Additionally he published a pamphlet of commissioned poems, ‘Bonjour Tetris’ (Penned in the Margins 2010) and co-wrote ‘The Debris Field’ (Sidekick Books 2013) with Isobel Dixon and Chris McCabe. Simon has developed and performed in several multi-media live events including the collaborative homage to Hitchcock, ‘Psycho Poetica’ (Sidekick Books 2012) and in 2015–2016 he is touring his one-man show ‘Sunspots’, which features original songs and films. In 2014 he was poet-in-residence at UCL’s Mullard Space Science Laboratory which led to the publication of the anthology ‘Laboratorio’ (Sidekick Books 2015). He is currently working on several poetry and fiction projects.

‘Of Comfort No Man Speak’, says Simon, “loosely combines Shakespeare’s Richard II with astrophysics”.

'Of Comfort No Man Speak' read by Simon Barraclough