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Earth from Space: Amsterdam

The ESA Web-TV virtual studios team look at the extraordinary story of land reclamation around Amsterdam. From Space.

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ExoMars: Six months in orbit

Six months after its arrival at Mars, Mission controllers of ESA’s Trace Gas Orbiter have begun adjusting the spacecraft’s orbit.

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Art and space for Earth Day 2017

For Earth Day 2017 ESA celebrated using art and space, because every day is Earth Day.

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Space debris – a journey to Earth

Space debris – a journey to Earth takes the audience on a journey from the outer solar system back to our home planet. The objects encountered along the way are manmade.

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The motion of two million stars

This extraordinary video from European Space Agency reveals the changing face of our Galaxy …

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Space Junk: Dealing with space debris

The Earth is surrounded by a cloud of space debris. This material ranges from dead satellites and upper stages of launchers, to fragments of material and even flecks of paint…

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