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Classic SciFi Trailers: Blade Runner (1982)

Classic SciFi Trailers: Blade Runner (1982)

"More human than human is our motto ..."

With anticipation for the 2017 Blade Runner movie at fever pitch here at One Giant Read, it’s fascinating to go back to 1982 and see how the original, classic, wonderful Blade Runner fared in trailer-land.

The first thing it’s hard to get the head around is the fact that the film is thirty-five years old. Yep, thirty-five. Ryan Gosling, who stars in the new movie, was only one when the film came out. Blade Runner – yep – Blade Runner is old.

And the trailer speaks of those days, and possibly too some of the uncertainty around how to market something so unique. It’s pretty heavy on the the whole Sam Spade atmosphere – the same sort of nervy reaction from the studio that led to a controversial Harrison Ford voiceover and a whole new ending. Of course, we know now that Ridley Scott has gone back several times and honed the film exactly the way he wants it – even if some of us actually secretly loved that voiceover.

And it was an amazing film to see first time around. Some loved it, some hated it. Some of us just simply became obsessed with it. Blade Runner was dark, dark – film noir brilliant dark – and dangerous. And dangerously plausible. When you were a kid in 1982, who was to say 2019 wasn’t going to be just like this, sound like this, look like this … Maybe it still will, we just don’t know.

But then again, who does?