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Classic SciFi Trailers: Forbidden Planet (1956)

Forbidden Planet Movie Poster

Classic SciFi Trailers: Forbidden Planet (1956)

"Imagine yourself as one of the crew of this faster than light spaceship of the future ..."

Once you get past the fact that yes, that really is Frank Drebin in space, Forbidden Planet is one of the all time classics of movie science fiction, and perhaps one of the most influential ever.

Gene Roddenberry claimed the movie as one of his touchstones for Star Trek – here for the first time are human beings zipping through the galaxy faster than light. And here too, Robby the Robot – a great ancestor for R2-D2 – not to mention an eerie and brilliant electronica soundtrack far ahead of its time. Berberian Sound Studio, anyone?

If anything Forbidden Planet is just the home planet, and we’ve been beaming down to it ever since.