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Flash Fiction Winner

Flash Fiction Winner

Congratulations to Kimiya Sepehr on winning the final flash fiction competition with her poem 'A Spiritual Space Adventure'. We loved the fly-by tour of the constellations, well thought out rhymes and surprising and nostalgic closing lines. Well done!

A Spiritual Space Adventure

The mysterious curtain of darkness all of a sudden fell
Soon afterwards, I heard Tinker`s bell

This little angel, loves the glittery sky
Soon after meeting me she decided to fly

Tink the fairy zoomed across the sky
Sadly I didn`t get to say goodbye

After reaching space she flew over the moon
By sprinkling gold pixie dust over her broom

The curtain of diamonds felt like velvet
The moment she spotted the constellation Helmet

A space shuttle pilot flying through space
May never beat Tinker Bell in any race

She whizzed past Venus, Mars then Jupiter
Where she found an alligator caught by the Hunter

Orion froze, holding his arrow and bow
Sitting by the river and watching the water flow

The dark greyish glaciers were floating above my head
I remembered the planets mobile hanging above my bed

I came back from a mission somewhere very deep
It was lovely to return after a goodnight’s sleep

By Kimiya Sepehr.