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WINNING FLASH FICTION ‘Space Station’ by Ffion Richards

WINNING FLASH FICTION ‘Space Station’ by Ffion Richards

Ffion Richards is this month's winner and has won our Principia prize pack. Well done!

At One Giant Read we’re enjoying seeing how our Giant Readers are responding to the creative challenge of sharing their own science fiction. Flash fiction is an excellent way to respond to this challenge with a short high impact piece of science fiction which offers readers something new and exciting. Whether you choose to respond with a piece of prose or a poetic response like this month’s winner, we’re all about celebrating new writing in the science fiction genre.

Ffion’s poem, Space Station was chosen as the winning entry this month because it inspired us to think about what life looks like from above, it really helped us imagine what Tim Peake might be feeling and seeing as he looks back down to Earth. We thought the poem fit in well with this month’s theme as it asks us to consider something bigger than ourselves and also begins to tackle that really big question about the meaning of life.

Space Station

I look down from Space
seeing the things we think build our lives.
Block by block the passengers of the earth build.
Breath by breath the passengers of the earth breathe.
The goals people have set.
The tracks they choose to take
as time disappears off the table of the earth.

Right now I’m on my journey to see
what’s greater than our wealth.
When I look out of the other window
I see a deeper dark,
Black like sleep.
With the faraway dreams of shining stars like sparks from a bigger shovel
Feeding my train of thought.

It’s my thought that counts…

By Ffion Richards aged 10