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Hammer versus Feather on the Moon

Apollo 15 Astronauts on the moon

Hammer versus Feather on the Moon

If you drop a hammer and a feather together, which would reach the ground first?

On Earth, it would be the hammer, but what about in an environment where gravity and air resistance are different? This question has been one which has existed in science for many years. The popular experiment, ‘The Hammer versus the Feather’, has been acknowledged and tested in the scientific community by scientists predating Galileo, the man called by some of today’s great scientific minds ‘the father of modern science’. The experiment rests on the principle that without air resistance the hammer and the feather would fall at the same speed and reach the ground at the same time. A good place to test this experiment in conditions of non-air resistance is the Earth’s Moon. In 1971 astronaut David Scott tested this experiment on the moon and sure enough, as many scientists such as Galileo and Einstein had predicted, the hammer and the feather fell and reached the Earth at the same time.

Apollo 15: Hammer vs Feather on the Moon (NASA)