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Evidence discovered to suggest the existence of ‘Planet Nine’ in the outer solar system

An artist's impression of 'Planet Nine'

Evidence discovered to suggest the existence of ‘Planet Nine’ in the outer solar system

A new planet, given the moniker ‘Planet Nine’ has recently been suggested to exist by scientists. ‘Planet Nine’, said to be an icy planet has been labelled a ‘huge’ planet which is four times the size of Earth and likely exists on the very edges of our solar system.

This new discovery was made owing to an anomaly in the behaviour of some objects which are located far beyond Pluto. Scientists learnt that a number of space rocks had aligned for no apparent reason. Having conducted a thorough set of calculations, it was determined that a possible explanation for this could be the existence of ‘Planet Nine’.

Uniquely, ‘Planet Nine’ does not have a circular orbital pattern as the recognised planets in our solar system do, but rather has an elongated orbit which means that the planet takes some 10 to 20,000 years to orbit the sun. Scientists suggest that the planet ‘evaded’ detection for so long as it too far away from the Earth and was only made discoverable owing to the oddities of the behaviour in other space matter.

This icy new world has of course been suggested as an explanation only after rigorous work to rule out other possibilities. Numerous simulations and analyses have been undertaken and whilst there are still questions to be answered and investigations to be undergone, there is strong evidence that ‘Planet Nine’ may indeed exist.

Although scientists caution that the existence of ‘Planet Nine’ is still just a theory, here at One Giant Read, we’re excited by the possibilities this discovery offers for potential new worlds to emerge both within and beyond our solar system.

Watch the video below to discover more details about the evidence for the existence of ‘Planet Nine’.