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How Do Astronauts Vote in Space?

How Do Astronauts Vote in Space?

It’s U.S Election Day and American citizens will be taking to the polls to elect their 45th President. On this momentous day, One Giant Read HQ pondered how NASA astronauts cast their vote.

The voting process for astronauts begins about a year before their planned space missions. Astronauts will select which elections (local, state or federal) they wish to participate in whilst they are in space. At around 6 months before the election(s), astronauts receive their registration and absentee voter forms. When they receive these, their address is listed as ‘Low-Earth Orbit’.

Mission control then send a digitised version of the absentee ballot form to the International Space Station and after the astronauts have filled them in they are sent securely back to Mission Control and directly on to voting officials.

The video below explores the process and some of the history of voting in space.