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I, Robot

robot still from the 2004 movie I, Robot

I, Robot

In a world that relies increasingly on technology, what would happen if robots really did have control?

The year is 2035 and a ‘technophobic’ police officer is sent to investigate the murder of a robotics designer, a crime in which the prime suspect is a robot. Suspicious at every turn, Del Spooner an officer who holds robots in contempt owing to a back story which saw the robot make a decision which Spooner feels is morally incorrect, pursues the robot NS-5, a robot created not to work on an assembly line, but rather as an individual entity designed to think and feel as a human does.

Authority figures will not listen to Spooner’s theory that the robots mean humans harm and he endures several attacks by a group of NS-5s. Soon, through persistent investigation, Spooner becomes aware that the robots are preparing for an event which is much larger than a singular crime… one that will threaten humanity….

This film explores the concept of what artificial intelligence is and how it can be misused by humans resulting in catastrophic events. It also explores how far these artificially intelligent beings can be moral and empathetic and present a world which is taken over by robots….

Based on the short story of the same name by Isaac Asimov, watch the trailer below: