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It couldn’t happen here… could it?

A promotional still from the 2009 TV Series V

It couldn’t happen here… could it?

A prominent question in science concerns the existence of additional life forces in worlds which are different, other and essentially new by comparison to Earth.

Whilst many scientists have entered into the debate and missions such as EXOMars 2016 have been commissioned to begin to find answers to these questions, no definitive conclusions have yet been made as to whether humanity is alone as a race in command of a planet, a world.
Cue science fiction. This genre is designed to broaden and even eliminate the boundaries of our imaginations. In science fiction the answer to the question ‘it couldn’t happen here could it?’ is yes, it absolutely could. Additional and ‘other’ life forces can exist and do.

One such example of science fiction’s speculation about the existence of other life forces – beings who do not inhabit Earth – is the 1983 mini-series ‘V’ which has since been reinvented in 2009.

V sees the invasion of Earth by ‘the visitors’ who at first claim to come in peace in need of assistance to save their own ailing world but who, it is quickly discovered, have designs on planet Earth. Advanced in both knowledge and technology, the visitors attempt to use their willingness to share this as way of disguising their motives and slowly but surely humanity is infiltrated by these other worldly visitors. Humanity and planet Earth descend into chaos and the threat of a takeover.

Although this science fiction classic features other worldly beings, the original series is said to be allegorically linked to social and political movements of the past suggesting that in the somewhat traditional manner of the genre, the ‘alien situation’ presented in the series is used to comment on the creation of a new world through man made methods.

Watch the video below to get behind the scenes access to the original television series ...
... and check out the trailer for the 2009 re-imagination of V: