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Lego to create a set of ‘Women of NASA’ mini figurines

Lego to create a set of ‘Women of NASA’ mini figurines

The roles that women play at NASA have been brought into focus thanks to films such as Hidden Figures in recent times and now, to commemorate some of the influential working for and participating in the NASA space programme, Lego® have commissioned a fan-made set of mini figurines to be produced. 

The set has been selected for production thanks to the Lego® Ideas website, which allows the public to support fan-designed projects to see them manufactured and sold by the company. The Women of NASA set has been designed by science writer and editor, Maia Weinstock. The set features mini figures of five NASA astronauts, scientists and mathematicians. Featured in the set will be: 

*Katherine Johnson, the noted mathematician whose career in the NASA space programme has recently been celebrated in the film Hidden Figures

*Sally Ride, astronaut and first American woman in space

*Mae Jemison, astronaut and first African-American woman in space

*Margaret Hamilton, computer scientist who led the development of on-board software for the Apollo missions to the moon

*Nancy Grace Roman, astronomer referred to as the ‘Mother of Hubble’ for her role in planning the space telescope

The set will also include a desktop display frame as well as four toy-brick vignettes featuring iconic objects relating to the women’s careers: a miniature Hubble telescope, a miniature space shuttle, piles of code and mathematical equipment related to the Apollo missions. 

It is hoped that the set will bring educational value as well as still holding all the build and play elements of the brand. 

Image copyright: Lego