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Life, the Universe and Everything: Did Douglas Adams have the answer to the meaning of life?

Lif, the Universe and Everything Book Jacket

Life, the Universe and Everything: Did Douglas Adams have the answer to the meaning of life?

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy is noted as being a science fiction multimedia sensation. The series included novels, radio serialisations, television series and a film adaptation.

‘What is the meaning of life?’ A question which is repeatedly asked and debated in an attempt to understand the fundamental reason for the existence of the human race and the journey of life and which has been explored scientifically, philosophically and culturally.

Science fiction – as a genre which facilitates the exploration not only of other worlds and planets but also of humanity and existence in the world – is used as a means of discussing, debating and suggesting a possible meaning to existence and life.

The third novel in The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Life the Universe and Everything, explores the ‘big question’, or as it is phrased within the novel ‘the ultimate question’ – what is the meaning of life and what does it mean to be alive?

A super computer said to contain the source of all knowledge is asked the question which seems to be of the highest importance to human kind and replies that the answer is indeed knowable but that those seeking the answer should return seven and a half million years later.

Their desperation for the answer compels them to do just that and after a suitable building of suspense, the computer reveals that the answer is in fact, 42.

Yes, that’s right, 42 and so the debate goes on. Is the answer to life 42? What does that mean and just how was that conclusion reached? Will we ever find the answer and just where will science fact and fiction take us next?

Watch the computer give the answer to THE question below …