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A day in the life of Stefanie Kohl

Stefanie Kohl is a space systems engineer designing satellites for Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd. This video shows just some of the tasks she gets through in a day.

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Captain Bob Hone

Captain Hone is our STEM testimonial speaker this month, he will tell us why he became a scientist.

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The Time Machine

The Time Machine is an 1895 novel by HG Wells. This novel is credited as popularising time travel in science fiction.

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Evolving the Genre: Arthur C Clarke

Credited as being one of the ‘Big Three’ science fiction writers during his lifetime, Arthur C Clarke is noted as being a ‘scientific’ science fiction writer, whose contributions to the genre are considered ground breaking.

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If We Had A Map

This month’s poetry pick is the third in a trilogy of poems kindly supplied to One Giant Read by Anthony Caleshu.

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Anthony Caleshu

“I’m a big believer in the interrelationship between science and poetry. In terms of process, scientists aren’t afraid to fail. I love the idea of establishing a hypothesis and testing it. That’s how I begin most of my poems: as tests of language, tests of story. Sometimes they fail, but poetry as failure isn’t always a bad thing… sometimes it’s a whole lot more interesting than the poem that ‘succeeds’ on easy grounds.”

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