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New science writing coming soon!

Book cover of Goldilocks and the Water Bears: The Search for Life Around the Universe

New science writing coming soon!

This month, we’ve been considering why and how there is life on Earth - we’ve made a study of the conditions and indicators which exist within the Earth’s atmosphere to sustain life and we’ve been thinking about how these could be used as markers for assessing whether life is supportable on other planets and worlds in our universe and beyond.

One discovery we’ve made in our quest to find other life is the existence of what is known as the ‘habitable zone’, also called the ‘Goldilocks zone’.

We were particularly interested to find out what a vital role this zone plays in facilitating the possibility for life on any given planet and to learn that just as in the classic fairy tale, everything really does have to be ‘just right’ for life of any form of life to be sustained.

The ‘Goldilocks zone’ is also an intriguing and important scientific phenomenon to scientists in the field who are striving to determine whether life is indeed a possibility beyond Earth.

The astrobiologist Dr Louisa Preston who investigates the geological and astrobiological factors which see life thrive in some of the most inhospitable environments on Earth, has been studying the ‘Goldilocks zone’ in her new book Goldilocks and the Water Bears: The Search for Life Around the Universe. This pioneering new book which will be published by Bloomsbury sigma on 16th June 2016, tells the tale of the evolution of life and what life around the universe might look like.

We’re looking forward to discovering more about the science behind the search for life and finding out whether any other planet is likely to be just right for life to exist…