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One Year Since Launch of Mission Principia…

One Year Since Launch of Mission Principia…

One year ago today, Tim Peake and his Expedition 47 crew mates were launching from Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan. Halfway across the world in our offices here at One Giant Read HQ, we were watching the live feed of the launch with fervent anticipation and waving Tim goodbye from Plymouth.

Here are a couple of photos which show our reaction to the historic event courtesy of BBC Stargazers:

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During his 6 month mission onboard the International Space Station, Tim inspired children and adults across the world to get into science. As part of a programme of projects designed to increase the educational outreach of space science One Giant Read enjoyed following everything Tim did whilst in low-Earth orbit and are enjoying being given the chance to continue to follow and support his excellent and inspirational work in 2016.


The mission truly has become part of British history and we’re proud to provide an archive for the legacy.


Reach for your dreams, they may just take you all the way to the stars!


Go Tim Go! Keep inspiring!