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Science Fact or Science Fiction? Special Report: Latest on the ‘UFO Crash’ at Cornish Primary School

Science Fact or Science Fiction? Special Report: Latest on the ‘UFO Crash’ at Cornish Primary School

One Giant Read have just received the latest on the ‘UFO CRASH’ at St Newlyn East Learning Academy…


After it has been safe, investigations into the ‘UFO crash’ have been ongoing this afternoon and a piece of metal has been discovered bearing the letters A. C. E. What do these letters mean? Is it possible that the aliens speak English? The more the children look the more they seem to be discovering – numbers and letters have been found on several pieces of the wrecked UFO one spelling out the words Cobra 13… are the aliens trying to communicate with the children, what else will be discovered?

We eagerly await news of what else is discovered and the hidden messages contained within the crashed UFO.

During their maths sessions some children have been measuring the distance between the school building and the crash site to see if this will yield any clues. Others have been speculating about whether the UFO has been planted for investigation… is the UFO real or fake?

One child wonders whether the UFO’s arrival has been the cause of the ‘freaky weather’ we have been having in the South West for the past few days – has the craft been interfering with the weather system? These are all valid questions and we’re sure the young scientists will get to the bottom of the story soon!

We’re being told that exclusive photographs and videos are on their way shortly… stay tuned!




*This ‘report’ is a work of science fiction promoting an activity happening at St Newlyn East Learning academy. The school is experiencing a ‘UFO crash’ and is investigating where it might have come from. We’re pleased to see young scientists getting involved in science discovery and learning about space.