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Science Fact or Science Fiction? Special Report… UFO Spotted at Local Primary School…

Science Fact or Science Fiction? Special Report… UFO Spotted at Local Primary School…

One Giant Read were alerted this morning of a ‘UFO crash’* at a local Cornish primary school…. We’ll be bringing you the latest news as we receive it!

This just in from the crash site…

Early this morning, a 4 am there was a loud bang in our village. Some people saw a flash of green light, some saw a red and white light. The head teacher of St Newlyn East Learning Academy in Cornwall called in local expert Mr ‘FT’. When he arrived, he saw fire and lights coming from the back of the school playing field. Upon investigating further, he discovered a crater in the ground. The nearby trees were scorched and drag marks could be seen. ..


Daring to take a closer look, Mr ‘FT’ discovered a UFO! He thinks that the bang was either a sonic boom, because the craft was going so fast or a result of the crash landing , upon which the craft broke apart.


After arriving at school, some of the school children were interviewed and some believe the UFO could have come from another galaxy, whereas others think it has come from Earth, as some of the things found inside it look like items we have on Earth, such as the drum of the washing which the craft was made from and what appears to be some type of mobile phone. Found inside, there appears to be what looks like an egg surrounded in metal… what could it contain?


One child said “I think it was something up in space and maybe the aliens know about us and thought they could bring their egg down here to keep it safe.” Another child thought that the bang they had heard was the space craft falling through the atmosphere.


Lots of parents said that their internet had gone down and thought that perhaps the space craft had absorbed all of the electricity and interrupted the connections.


After much speculation, the local fire brigade and police were called. The area was Cordoned off with tape as the emergency services needed to check it was safe to move the egg.


Some children thought that the arrival of the UFO was as a result of a science experiment gone wrong. They thought that maybe it was sent into space carrying the egg but had crashed landed back here. When the fire brigade had cleared some of the area, Mr ‘FT’ noticed strange objects lying close by which looked like beans. Wearing a protective suit, he was able to confirm that they were in fact beans….


“These weren’t here before,” he said…


One Giant Read is standing by for the next update… coming soon.



* This ‘report’ is a work of science fiction promoting an activity happening at St Newlyn East Learning academy. The school is experiencing a ‘UFO crash’ and is investigating where it might have come from. We think it’s amazing to see the future scientists of tomorrow getting inspired by space!