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SciFi Writing Prompts

SciFi Writing Prompts

Borg cube sized writer’s block? Why not try some of our SciFi style opening line prompts?

We’ve warped together some opening lines to get you started, beamed down an idea or two and boldly gone in search of first lines! You can download as a worksheet below. Write Long and Prosper!

1. The craft was rotating free in space. All power seemed down.

2. When I opened my eyes in the airlock, I was not alone.

3. As soon as the ship landed, things started to go wrong.

4. The unit was called The Space Engineers.

5. “The blood … it’s orange!”

6. We made first contact at 02.00 hours, Pacific Time.

7. “Whatever it is,” said Captain Phillips, “it’s hungry.”

8. I levelled my blaster and started firing.

9. JFK was on. We choose, he said, to go to the moon.

10. It was incredible. We were inside a video game.

11. From the outside, it was an ordinary burger van.

12. We were running out of water and now we were surrounded.

13. Sally picked up the weird rock.

14. It was the end of the world. Finally.

15. Everything was covered in a fine silver dust.

Download 'SciFi Writing Prompts' PDF (36kb)
The Twin Jet Nebula, ESA/Hubble & NASA. Acknowledgement: Judy Schmidt

The Twin Jet Nebula, a planetary nebula lying some 4200 light-years away, viewed by the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope. Planetary nebulae are formed when the outer layers of an aging low-mass star are ejected and interact with the surrounding interstellar medium, leaving behind a compact white dwarf. Full Story