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Spot the Super Moon

Spot the Super Moon

November 2016 has been heralded as the year in which the largest and most spectacular moon for 69 years can be seen.

‘Super Moon’ as a term for describing this phenomena was first coined by the astrologer Richard Nolle. A super moon is a new or full moon which occurswhen the moon is within 90 % of its closest approach to Earth in any given orbit. The Earth, moon and sun are all in line and the moon takes up its nearest approach to Earth.

Tonight, 14th November 2016 is said to be the best night for spotting the super moon, with the optimal time said to be 11.20 p.m. Camera at the ready Giant Readers, we want to see your pictures. Tweet us @OneGiantRead or post them to Facebook

Meantime watch this footage of the super moon from around the world…

Featured image: 'The Earth's moon', NASA galleries