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Star Wars Battlefront II launches November 2017

Star Wars Battlefront II launches November 2017

Just when we thought the buzz around Star Wars couldn't get buzzier, Electronic Arts has announced that Star Wars Battlefront II will launch worldwide on November 17 2017.

Now it’s maybe fair to say that we weren’t just too blown away by the first game in the series. It was great fun for a while but we struggled a bit with the flying sequences and other games just snuck in and stole away its thunder.

Star Wars Battlefront II looks set to change all that, and if this trailer is anything to go by it might be a classic. We’re particularly excited to see the development of the vehicles – in this new game all the driving and flying is being handled by Criterion. Now, Criterion made the brilliant driving game Burnout Paradise – ah, the nostalgia – so this sounds like a clever move.

There’s going to be a new single-player mode with an Imperial special forces soldier in the lead and what looks like playable characters across the whole saga.

Frankly, it just looks amazing …

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