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The Darkest Dark

The Darkest Dark

Here’s certainly one to share with your ‘little’ Giant Readers.  He was a key commentator and figure in the Principia launch coverage last December and now Astronaut Chris Hadfield has released a picture book inspired by his childhood.

Chris, the boy in this story has big ambitions, so big in fact, that they can’t fit on planet Earth. You see, Chris wants to be an astronaut. There’s just one teeny tiny, rather big problem… he’s afraid of the dark. Realising that space is truly the ‘Darkest Dark’ there is, go with Chris on his journey to over his fears and reach his dreams.

Accompanied by beautiful illustrations by Eric and Terry Fan which make the story come to life, The Darkest Dark is all about finding out what we want to be and doing everything we can to achieve it. It’s about the dark and how one little boy realises that if you just look hard enough, it’s not so scary anymore but instead is a place where whole new worlds can be discovered…

A thoroughly recommended read for your budding little space explorers, The Darkest Dark is a great example of how being brave can lead you to extroridnary things.

The Darkest Dark was published by Little, Brown Books in September 2016.