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Tim Peake’s Spacecraft to arrive in the UK Next Year

Tim Peake’s Spacecraft to arrive in the UK Next Year

We watched him re-enter Earth’s atmosphere aboard the Soyuz TMA – 19M on 18th June this year and now, space enthusiasts will get the opportunity to see the spacecraft in the UK.

The Soyuz capsule which took Tim Peake and his Expedition 47 crew mates to the international space station after launch from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in December last year and safely returned them to Earth this summer and it has now undergone restoration enabling it to be put on display in the UK. The spacecraft still shows some signs of singeing after its re-entry into the Earth’s atmosphere – one of the most dangerous parts of human spaceflight, but it is hoped that the Soyuz will inspire the next generation of space science and engineering enthusiasts to get involved.


The Soyuz is a small craft but it is designed to withstand the changes in atmospheric speed, pressure and climate to project its human cargo on its trip to and from the International Space Station – a truly life saving craft which allows humans to venture into space.


The Soyuz capsule will be on display at the Science Museum in London early in 2017.


Will you be inspired to follow in Tim’s footsteps?