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Cover of Tyger by Julian Stockwin


The advanced technology necessary for accurate navigation in space was informed by maritime navigation practices dating from the beginnings of sea-faring. Weather conditions and the stars were used as natural compasses for determining position for those at sea.

Julian Stockwin’s Tyger, the latest in his acclaimed Kydd series, is a swashbuckling adventure showcasing the very best of maritime science and a thrilling, action-packed adventure which enables the reader to truly get lost at sea – in the best sense.

Enriched by the author’s own naval experience, the Kydd series has a true air of authenticity in which it is possible to feel that for Stockwin, the accuracy of the maritime elements is equally as important as the compelling plotlines.

Faced with a commission that could end his career, Sir Thomas Kydd, the maritime hero of this novel, must command a crew who have recently been involved in a mutiny. Add this very human tension in the novel to the historical plot which sees him facing attack from Napoleon’s Army and the threat of court martial and readers are treated to an adventure on the salty seas which grips right until the final pages.

This narrative is richly woven with history, politics and intrigue a perfect foray into some of the origins of navigation at sea and maritime science, a thoroughly recommended read.