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Willard Price

Amazon Adventure

Willard Price

Willard Price was a Canadian Born American author. His most notable work is the 'Adventure' series written for children.

The ‘Adventure’ books were about two children who were sent on various expeditions to collect animal species from around the world to add to their father’s collection. These expeditions quickly become adventures as the boys travel to various countries encountering a multitude of perils including villains and dangerous journeys.

The books are written with the aim of making reading an adventure in itself as well as inspiring an interest in the natural world. With scientists such as Professor Iain Stewart citing these books as inspiration for his pursuit of geology as a career, it is clear to see that these adventures really can broaden horizons and open up new worlds to readers who are aspiring adventurers. You never know where reading can take you… will it be a remote Amazon forest or the edges of our universe?

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