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You have reached your destination: the joyfulness of never being lost again?

You have reached your destination: the joyfulness of never being lost again?

‘You have reached your destination’, a phrase spoken by a computerised voice of pre-selected preference which can herald much applause.

Particularly if you’ve been on a long drive and your delightful Sat Nav, the answer to all your road-tripping nightmares has failed to recognise that the road you’re on is not just some field but rather an actual road. Or that in fact those black and white creatures in front of you are indeed the cows which act as traffic lights in small country lanes.

You see, gone are the days of the person riding ‘shotgun’ also being chief navigator, or the backseat driver offering handy tips whilst holding the map upside down because with dawn of the space age, of new technologies and satellite communications came the advent of Global Positioning Systems (GPS).

GPS uses portable radio receiver to pick up signals from satellites to allow you to pinpoint your location precisely. It is considered to be largely reliable as radio signals can reach all parts of the planet meaning that large numbers of people are able to use it at the same time without experiencing interruption.

In addition to providing a universal mapping system, GPS can also be used to track items such as parcels and even aiding in guiding the blind.

GPS is a technological advancement which has changed the way we live in a much similar way to the communications satellite we access daily. We are simultaneously safer and able to position ourselves both day- to – day and in emergency situations but we are also more tracked more on the radar than ever before. There almost seems to be little ability to be lost – truly lost and able to discover places along the way but we have a solution.

Take the next left and get ‘lost in space’ with us!